Chair of Luxembourg watchdog re-elected

Director of Treasury Isabelle Goubin has been re-elected as chairwoman of Luxembourg’s financial watchdog, the CSSF.

Serving as chair of the board since 2014, Goubin’s mandate at the top of the regulator of financial services was extended by five years.

In addition to her duties at the Ministry of Finance, Goubin serves as chair of the board at Luxembourg’s Insurance Commission CAA and of Luxembourg’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

She is also secretary general of the High Committee of the Financial Centre and a member of the Executive Committee of Luxembourg for Finance.

At the European Union level, Goubin is a member of the Economic and Financial Committee, as well as the Eurogroup Working Group.

She acts as the alternate governor and is a member of the board at the European Stability Mechanism and serves as member of the board at the European Financial Stability Facility.

Goubin graduated in finance from the University of Geneva, holds an MBA in strategic management from San Diego State University and a degree in international business law from the University of Zurich.

Her second mandate at the CSSF starts on 1 January 2018.