Luxembourg ranks 3rd worldwide in talent competitiveness

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2016 ranks Luxembourg as the 3rd most “talent competitive” country behind Switzerland and Singapore.

Today, countries are competing globally to grow better talents, to attract the talents they need, and to retain those that bring them competitiveness, innovation and growth, while seeking to put economic and social policies in place that will facilitate this. In such a context, governments, business and the various components of civil society need quantitative instruments that can inform their decisions (as investors, employers, employees or job seekers) and help them to design and implement better policies in areas such as education, human resource management, and immigration, to name a few. This is the aim of the report, published by INSEAD Business school together with the Human capital leadership institute and Adecco.

In addition to being the 3rd “talent competitive” country, Luxembourg is also ranked as the best pool of “Global Knowledge skills”. The report says: “As a small country that has a built an international reputation as a centre of finance and industry, it is part of the top three on the Retain (2nd) and Attract (3rd) pillars respectively, driven by high scores on the Sustainability (2nd) and External openness (3rd) sub-pillars”.

The report evaluates measures implemented to develop human capital and their performance. The GTCI measures two types of skills: average / technical skills of the workforce (LV skills) and high-end skills (GK skills) necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship.