Women’s IT and tech group gets rebrand

The Luxembourg chapter of Geek Girl Carrots (GGC), a global organisation focused on connecting, learning and inspiring women in Tech and IT, has recently rebranded itself in order to become more inclusive whilst continuing to diversify its content and members.

The Wort. En caught up with Casha, Marina and Joanna, three of the organisers behind MICSE (pronounced Miks) to find out more.

“Whilst my professional background is in finance, I have always been interested in information technology,” explains Casha, originally from Poland and the founder of the GGC Luxembourg chapter.

“When I started GGC in 2014, I found that there were many people like me who wanted an outlet to develop their skills and network. Over the last few years our members have become increasingly diversified but all focused on the Luxembourg community, that’s why we decided to launch MICSE.”

MICSE is a synonym for several words including, but not limited to; Mentor, Inspire, Create, Socialise, Empower, Science and Technology.

“We focus on three main areas,”clarifies Marina. “The first is training on information technology, the second is Meet up’s and the third is developing children’s interest in I.T.”
Daughter leads mum into world of coding

It was through her own daughter’s coding hobby that Marina became involved in MICSE.

“My daughter is thirteen and very interested in coding but it is currently not part of the Luxembourg school curriculum,” adds Marina. “Through our collaborations with Code Club, Coderdojo and other organisations, she has taken part in workshops such as the ‘Hour of Code’ and the ‘European Robotics Week’, giving her practical opportunities to develop her interests.”

According to recent employment surveys, the next 10 years will see an increase in demand for IT roles, both in technical fields such as coding and organisational roles like project management.

“This year we held our first Career Clinic which I took part in,” says Joanna. “The goal of the career clinic is to provide individuals without an IT background the practical tools and information to help them find jobs in the sector,”explains Joanna.