Drunk man attempts to headbutt a police officer in Luxembourg

drunk man luxembourg

A drunk man was arrested after attempting to headbutt a police officer in Luxembourg City on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred just before 3pm when three officers were called out to a restaurant on “rue Dernier Sol” where a drunk man was reported to be disturbing customers.

While the man at first shouted at officers the situation did appear to calm down. However just as the police patrol prepared to leave the scene for their next mission, the man ran up to the police car, ripped open the door and attempted to headbutt the driver, but failed.

He was immediately handcuffed and arrested before being taken to the police station where he was put in a cell.

However, when officers attempted to close the door, they were once again attacked by the man. The drunkard afterwards claimed that one of the policemen had broken his thumb. After a doctor was brought in, the man admitted to having stumbled in a bus earlier on. His thumb was put back in place and the person back in his cell.