Feulen Wind Farm will supply 2.65% of the country’s wind energy.

Last Sunday 17 June 2018, OekoStroum Feelen invited the general public to discover its Feulen wind farm.
On the agenda of this extraordinary day: a visit of a wind turbine prior to construction, an explanation of its operation by specialists and the discovery of investment opportunities for town residents.

State-of-the-art technology
With commissioning scheduled for July, OekoStroum Feelen will own a SWT 3.0-113 Siemens wind turbine with a nominal output of 3 MW and an estimated annual output of 7,000,000 kWh. This will provide electricity to 1,700 households and reduce C02 emissions by 7,100,000 kg. With this single wind farm, OekoStroum Feelen will supply 2.65% of the country’s wind energy.

An ecological impact
OekoStroum Feelen complements the OekoStroum Weiler wind farm. As for the latter, measures will be taken to ensure the absence of nuisance for humans, animals and nature. “According to the studies we have already done, nuisance is minimal or non-existent. A reforestation of 2,500 m2 of oaks and other trees and 1000m2 of hedgerows is planned” explained Frank Muller, founder and director of OekoStroum Feelen.

Sustainable investment
This day was also an opportunity to present the impact of this project on the municipality and investment opportunities. Every resident of the municipality can take shares in the “Feelener Wand” which will manage the reception station of the wind farm. “We are offering Feulen residents the opportunity to become real stakeholders in our project with an annual profitability of 5% over 10 years, which is not negligible. We believe that it is important to invest in renewable energies in order to offer a viable alternative to nuclear power over the long term” concluded the administrator.