Valentiny Foundation to Open Exhibition Space in Remerschen

Valentiny Foundation to Open Exhibition Space in Remerschen

In 2013, the municipality of Schengen and the architect François Valentiny decided to establish a charitable foundation, the Valentiny Foundation, which is now to have its own premises in the Moselle valley, opening tomorrow 20 July 2016.

As the main contributor and asset of the foundation, it was agreed that the founder was to introduce his drawings, paintings and sculptures. The Valentiny architects office has made the plans and models from 35 years of operation available to the foundation to support it financially.

In addition to the municipality of Schengen, the architectural firm and François Valentiny himself, high-ranking representatives from the culture, science and education fields in Luxembourg have committed their support to the foundation.

The idea to construct a new building for the foundation came about in 2014. The building plot provided for this building is in the immediate vicinity of the building of the Vinsmoselle – Caves du Sud, opposite the school and the youth hostel and close to the leisure park in Remerschen, at 34 Route du Vin.

The building is constructed with a timber frame and is integrated into the old school of Remerschen. It features spacious areas for permanent and temporary exhibitions. Moreover, it will cater for conferences, lectures and other events.