Jeanne-Marie Wagener was crowned the Riesling queen 2016

Jeanne-Marie Wagener was crowned the Riesling queen Friday night. Over the next 12 months, she will serve as the ambassador of Riesling and of Wormeldange both in Luxembourg and abroad.

The inaugural evening of Riesling Open took place in the packed hall of Wormeldange cultural centre. Wagener succeeded Laura Demuth, the 2015 Riesling queen.

The 18th edition of the festival continues throughout the weekend. Here’s a brief look at the programme:

On Saturday, the wine festival begins at the cultural center of Ahn at 3pm. Visitors can taste the wines and crémants of participating wineries.

On Sunday, vintners open their cellars to the public starting at 11am. Musical entertainment is planned for both days. The organisation provides transportation by bus or boat for those who prefer not to use their car on their way from one town to another.