‘Luxracines’ genealogy library set to open in September


A new Luxracines genealogy library is set to open in Walferdange in September. The organisation’s members and visitors alike will be able to trace local family roots and discover tidbits about their ancestors.

The library will share a floor with a daycare centre on Rue de l’Eglise, although Luxracines President Robert Deltgen explained that his organisation is only there in the afternoons, when no one else is there, thus preventing potential noise issues. There’s also a research room with four PCs and a printer.

Initially, the library will only be open Saturday afternoons and, according to Deltgen, at least one member should always be available to advise visitors.

Although Luxracines started in 2006, it’s only ten years later that the hobby genealogy group is opening its own library.

It’s there that both Luxracines members and visitors alike will have over 1,500,000 records of over 500,000 families at their disposal. Moreover, about 226 books are downloadable as PDFs.

“In my opinion, digital data is volatile,” Deltgen said. It’s for this reason that, in addition to the e-records, there are around 1,500 books, making it the largest collection of family books in Luxembourg.