Most Luxembourg residents own their home

More than 67% of households in Luxembourg own their own home, according to a survey issued by the Luxembourg Central Bank (BCL)

The document, which was co-authored by the Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER), reveals that houses, cars, and other valuables account for 84.7% of real assets for Luxembourg households.

Most households have their own home at 67.6%, with many families owning other properties (26.3%) and valuables (25.7%), according to available data for 2014, but only just released. The survey is only carried out every four years.

In comparative terms, these figures do not differ much from those recorded n the previous survey in 2010.

The average value of real gross assets for Luxembourg was valued around 733.3 thousand euros at the end of 2014.

The next survey is not due until 2018.