Luxembourg to launch cybersecurity centre in 2017

Luxembourg is to create a cybersecurity centre in 2017 to further information security in the public and private sector, it was announced on Tuesday.

The aim of the centre would be to increase the competitive advantage of Luxembourg cybersecurity in the short term and in the medium term contribute to the development of ecosystems in areas like the Internet of Things, space technology and FinTech.

The initiative was announced by Secretary of State for the Economy Francine Closener at the first edition of the “Cybersecurity Day” on Tuesday.

“The concept of the centre is based both on the sharing of proven expertise of various public and private and dynamism emanating from the national cybersecurity ecosystem,” Closener said, adding: “The new structure will help to strengthen the positioning and the economic attractiveness of the country for undertakings in the information technology sector and communication.”

Among the initiatives which will share knowledge and best practice at the centre will be CASES (promoting information security in business) and CIRCL (which manages IT incidents and risks).

The centre will offer SMEs, citizens, start-ups and public sector actors new services based around intelligence, training and testing.