In Luxembourg, opened a temporary art exhibition ” Walk The Line”

Last Friday, the opening ceremony of the temporary art installation “Walk the Line” took place on Philip II street and port-Neuve Avenue in the capital of the Grand Duchy.

The art installation, inaugurated by the College of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Luxembourg, Casino Luxembourg – Forum of Contemporary Art and the “Association rue Philippe II”, forms part of the programme “Un été pas comme les autres dans une rue pas comme les autres” (“a summer like no other in a street like no other”). It will remain in place until 3 September 2018.

“Walk the Line” is a project by Charles Baudouin and Giacomo Piovan of Socialmatter, a design studio located in Luxembourg. The installation creates a link between the street and the passers-by: the perception of the individual will depend on where they are and the perspective from which they contemplate the installation. Indeed, from a specific point, the work is in the form of a line floating in the air.

As part of “Un été pas comme les autres dans une rue pas comme les autres”, initiated by the traders of Rue Philippe II and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, the projects “Let the sunshine in” (2014), “Look up! (2015), “Swings” (2016), “AIR DELUXE” (2017) and “Walk the Line” (2018) were created to enhance these streets and create a summery and friendly atmosphere at the heart of the city.

As in previous years, the project is supported by the City of Luxembourg.