Six New Innovative Projects Awarded €310k to Fight Addictions in Luxembourg

Innovative Projects

The organisation L’Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and Luxembourg’s Ministry of Health presented the results of the call for project proposals to fight addiction in Luxembourg.

The objective of the call for call was to support sustainable and innovative projects providing preventive solutions to the problems related to addictions that society is facing. It is therefore of importance to the associations that the projects have a high level of protection in terms of public health, public safety and social cohesion. They must also adhere to a human dimension and meet the specific needs of Luxembourg.

The call for project proposals closed on Tuesday 15 March 2016 after having been launched in September 2015. In the call dossier, the concept of prevention has been defined in a broad manner: prevention of the use of psychoactive substances, prevention and emergence of addictive behaviour, prevention of the risks and damage associated with substance use and addictive behaviour in general.

A total of six projects were selected, with €310,098 being granted in total to the projects:

1. ”TABA, Tagestrukturierendes Beschäftigungsangebot, Spillsaachen fir jiddereen! Gutt fir d’Kanner! Gutt fir de Mënsch! Gutt fir d’Ëmwelt!”; Project leader: Comité national de défense sociale (CNDS) ASBL. This initiative is aimed primarily at people with a long-term addiction to drugs and who are older than 40 years. The main idea of the project is simple and based on three pillars: a psychosocial stabilisation, manual activity in structuring ecological connotation with the collection, repair and recycling, and donation of toys to needy families.

2. “Game Over, Multiplikatorentraining”; Project leader: Anonym Glëckspiller ASBL. Faced with the problem of addictive behaviour related to new information technologies, this project is based around a training programme, bringing together professionals from different institutions (administrative, educational, private, etc.). In response to a real need, this programme focuses on the prevention of addictions that are not related to substance use.

3. “Atelier Creamisu”; Project leader: Caritas Accueil et Solidarité ASBL. This workshop-oriented project is based on the concept of a place of meeting and exchange of artistic and creative expression (drawing, collage, crafts, etc.) to any person who is homeless, and particularly affected by alcoholism. It aims to restore people’s self-esteem.

4. “Choice 18+”; Project leader: Impuls Solidarité Jeunes ASBL. The “Choice 18+” project provides direct assistance and, under certain conditions, an alternative to the possession of drugs listed in young people’s criminal records. The targeted action includes three individual sessions and three awareness modules, training and self-reflection for young people. The programme will allow 50 young people between the age of 18 and 21 to benefit from it.

5. “Ma santé en toute liberté”; Project leader: Programme Tox au Centre Pénitentiaire de Givenich. The “Ma santé en toute liberté” programme aims to create a manual of prevention and information for people in prison at Givenich, focusing on important topics in the field of health (sport, contraception, stress, drugs, a detox programme,and relapse prevention).

6. “Sensibilisation et réduction des risques liés à la consommation récréative de drogues auprès du public festif au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg”; Project leader: 4 motion ASBL. This project will focus on creating an information stand at various events across Luxembourg. The information stand will provide important information about the use of drugs, and will allow people to check their drugs for purity.