Luxembourg Astronomer Has Asteroid Named After Him

Luxembourg resident and avid astronomer Matt Dawson has had an asteroid named after him.

Asteroid (13750) Mattdawson was actually discovered on 16 September 1998 at Anderson Mesa in Arizona, USA.

Matt Dawson is described by the Minor Planet Center as an active amateur involved in the astrometry of fast-moving NEOs using a 45-cm telescope. Dawson is also a musician who specialises in contemporary jazz and popular music. The name was suggested by R. A. Kowalski. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 46111]

The asteroid has had a total of 1,211 total recorded observations since 1980.

Matt Dawson stated “What a surprise and what an honour (even though it took me 15 years to find out). Thank you LONEOS and Richard Kowalski.”