Petition banning Trump entry to Luxembourg rejected


A new petition submission to Luxembourg’s parliamentary website raised a few eyebrows and provoked comments recently, demanding that U.S. President Donald Trump be prohibited from entering Luxembourg. However it has now been rejected.

The Petitions Committee took the decision to refuse Petition 780 as “it was not clear: we did not know if Trump would be unable to pass through the territory, or only request to enter it” stated commission chairman Marco Schank.

It therefore seems that rather than the petition being rejected because of the subject, it was because of its lack of clarity, and could indeed mean that another submission could take its place in the coming weeks.

At the same time however three other petitions were accepted by the committee. One is to change the age limit for children regarding access to early education. The demand was to not force those born between September and December to wait until the following school year to start their education.

Another petition calls for reduced waiting time for children regarding emergency services, while a final one opposes the reduction of the benefits from the “caisse dependence.”

These three petitions are now open to signatures and if they reach 4,500, get the chance to be debated in parliament.