Luxembourger to appear in court in connection with Belgium murder

belgian murder

A 23-year-old Luxembourger is to appear in court in Belgium on Wednesday in connection with a murder that took place in Gérouville, close to Virton, earlier in August.

It was revealed in Belgian daily l’ that Carlo C was charged and placed under house arrest last Friday.

A first suspect, Jerome K, 19, had appeared the day before in front of an investigating judge.

The young Belgian who lives with his grandmother in Virton had presented himself to police after learning that a warrant had been issued against him. Both men deny any involvement in the facts.

Carlo C has no criminal record and has never been sentenced in Luxembourg. However, the newspaper suggested he had connections with the drug world.

The Luxembourg Prosecutor on Tuesday was unable to provide any information about the Luxembourger.

The two are being investigated in connection with the death of a man, whose partially charred body was found by two farmers in a field near Gérouville on August 5.

The autopsy showed that the 19-year-old victim, a Mr Nasredinne, was killed by multiple stab wounds after being tied up and beaten. His body was then abandoned.

Federal Judicial investigators in Neufchâteau-Arlon are convinced the two accused came to Virton to demand money from the victim. There followed an altercation between dealers and customer which ended in tragedy.