Cargolux signs order for ten Boeings

Luxembourg carrier Cargolux on 12 October confirmed it will replace existing 747-400 Freighter Boeings with newer 777-8 models, a move labour unions look at critically.

The 777-8 Boeing model has the lowest CO2 emissions per tonne for any large freighter, consumes less fuel and makes less noise, pushing the carrier to swap its current fleet “for a sustainable future”.

“Replacing our aging fleet of 747-400 Freighters with the latest technology and fuel-efficient 777-8 Freighter model will contribute to our long-term sustainability program while continuing to offer our customers the tailored service they expect,” said Richard ForsonRichard Forson, Cargolux president & CEO.

The grand duchy-based company has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050. In June 2022, it signed a deal with Bolloré Logistics covering the use of 800,000 litres of sustainable aviation fuel in joint operations.

The unions reminded that this order is “an important signal” for the 25,000 employees–of which 6,000 are direct employees–in the aviation sector. Cargolux’s 1,800 staff members should therefore be able to expect that the new aircraft “will be flown, maintained, and administratively supported by Cargolux employees in Luxembourg within the framework of the existing collective work agreement.”

“The introduction of the Boeing 777-8F by Cargolux must not be used to relocate jobs abroad or to employ staff for this aircraft type outside the Cargolux collective work agreement,” they concluded.

At the end of September, the OGBL and LCGB were involved in an aviation tripartite meeting convened with the government and industry representatives.