Marie Antoinette’s shoe sold at an auction

A silk shoe of the French queen Marie Antoinette of Austria (1755-1793) made 43,750 euros at an auction on Sunday. The yield is more than four times as much as expected.

The shoe worn by the Marie Antoinette is a size six. In addition to Silk, the footwear with a heel consists of goatskin. The family of the Queen executed during the French Revolution in 1793 kept the shoe for sale in its own circle.

Marie Antoinette arrived in France in May 1770 at the age of 15. She was married the month before to Crown Prince Louis XVI (1754-1793). The later King of France could not attend the wedding. This is why the wedding ceremony took place in Marie Antoinette’s birthplace of Vienna, with Marie Antoinette’s brother as her proxy.