New €5m Information Centre Opens at Vianden Chateau

Vianden Castle is now equipped with an information centre to welcome its some 200,000 annual visitors.

The new information centre at the castle, which was officially inaugurated on 15 November, focuses on the different eras of construction of the building as well as the evolution of its functions.

Visitors, whether young or old, will now be able to discover the respective periods following a route that takes them through the centuries of the castle’s past. The history of the Grand Ducal family and the history of the castle have been studied and documented by historians, architects and archaeologists and this scientific work is the basis of the new centre.

Period constructions, such as the walkway and basements, can be approached and the old walls are staged with graphics and lighting effects. The exhibition has a floor space of 620m2 and also offers a film on the building phases of the castle using 3D laser scanning.

Since 2001, the Luxembourg State has invested €5.2 million in this new infrastructure of the barnyard, which was cofinanced by the Amis du Château de Vianden ASBL with a contribution of €990,000.