A Click, a Brick to Build Your Home

Couple is resting and having fun after hard work painting their apartment.

Digitalisation, or the adoption of digital tools by clients, is an important topic nowadays throughout all sectors of industry, banking included; while each bank has its own app, it’s all the same difference to clients in the end. So how do we make a difference?

Meaningful new features

Digital tools are meant to be convenient, and that’s why they work so well. That’s also why they are all so similar at their core. To make a difference, digital platforms need to offer new features to help users. At ING we did just that earlier this year with the last major My ING additions.

The first is fairly simple: bannering. It is nothing more than an in-app notification system for users’ convenience, really, but it is bound to save a few from potential headaches. The second is the true highlight of the last update: the new funds disbursement feature, the first functionality of its kind in Luxembourg.

Mortgages made easy

Anyone who has gone through the trouble of building a new house or renovating on a mortgage will now just how painful it can be trying to get to the bank within its opening hours while juggling work, children, the construction, etc., all to end up late because of traffic or realise we forgot some paper on the kitchen table.

Funds disbursement attempts to change all of that. The function can be accessed through the payment menu of the app and will start a step-by-step procedure to unlock your funds. It is no more complicated than a usual transfer.

The catch? You will be required to join the bill or justification document you would normally have to bring to the bank.

The good news? A picture is enough. The sole purpose is to make the process easier, faster and more efficient for users, so why should it be any more convoluted?

Once you’ve confirmed the transfer, it will be sent in for approval and released within a span of two business days – responsible finance requires checks! Rest assured though, it is just as safe as before, if not more, only the processes have been adapted to empower you to stay a step ahead. Bye bye paper!