ADA offers training on microfinance risk management

ADA announced that the 11th edition of the training on risk management in the field of microfinance will be held from 12 to 16 November 2018, which will connect Luxembourg with the leading MFOs.

The main objective of the 11th edition of this microfinance training is to allow the CEOs and high level executives of leading MFIs to understand the importance of risk management and the mechanisms used in order to establish a definitive specific risk management culture in their institutions.

This training will allow participants to benefit from experts based in the Luxembourg Financial Centre and enable them to apply for a coaching programme in risk management for one to three years.

They will also receive a risk management tool based on the Risk Management Graduation Model and learn from the experience of MFI representatives as well as meeting peers during the European Microfinance Week and the 9th European Microfinance Award Ceremony.