The role of Luxembourgish language debate starts in parliament

Luxembourgish language

Luxembourg’s parliament starts the debate on Monday concerning the role of Luxembourgish in the country following two opposing petitions launched in 2016.

The debate will reflect on the impact of the two petitions on the country. Both petitions concern a common theme: the Luxembourg language in the administrative and judicial landscape of the country.
Petition 698

The first petition was launched by Lucien Welter, known as petition 698. It reached a record number of 14,683 signatures. The petition stated that Luxembourgish should be the first official language in administration, ahead of German and French. Its founder says he intends to “save the Luxembourgish language before it disappears.”
Petition 725

The second petition, which was assigned number 725, reach not more than 5,182 signatures, but has the opposite view: “Luxembourgish should not be an official language in administrative and judicial matters”.

Its author, Joseph Schloesser, defends openness and economic interests, noting that “it is essential that contact be made in a language understandable to everyone and that administrative forms and other official documents be written in one of the three compulsory languages ​​taught in schools “.

On Monday the instigators of the two petitions will defend their views in the Chamber of Deputies.