Tramline to be Extended by 16km Costing €214m

Today Luxembourg announced two extensions of the new tramway network over a distance of 16km.

Luxembourg Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch, has presented the two extensions of the new tramway network which, by 2021, will serve the neighbourhoods of Bonnevoie, Howald, Ban de Gasperich, Cloche d’Or and the Héienhaff and Senningerberg areas as well as the airport. These extensions will thus link the Héienhaff, Bonnevoie, Howald and Cloche d’Or clusters and their design is carried out in close coordination with the Bridges and Roads Authority.

For 4.9 km, seven stations will serve the districts, including three major exchanges: Lycée Bonnevoie, Howald and Cloche d’Or. This project is part of the urban development of the Ville de Luxembourg and Hesperange.

For 3.9 km, two stations will serve the future Héienhaff exchange pole and the Findel air terminal. This project is part of the urban development around the airport.

The total cost for the construction of these two extensions is estimated at €214,000,000 (excluding taxes) financed by the State, ie €114,900,000 for the route between the central station and the Cloche d’Or and €99,100,000 for the route between the circuit of the Foire internationale and the Findel airport. Twelve train will complete the 21 trains running between Luxexpo and the central station. The facilities of the current Storage and Maintenance Centre are already planned to accommodate and maintain the trains needed to operate the 16km line without additional investments.

Four years will be necessary to carry out the work and allow, from the end of 2021, a commercial start-up of the tram line of 24 stations, including 10 exchange centres. During rush hour, the tram will then serve every three minutes each of the stations between the Lycée Bonnevoie and Luxexpo. Beyond, towards Cloche d’Or and Findel, the frequency of passage will be every six minutes.