Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapor are the richest countries in the world

Small countries still dominate at the list of the richest countries in the world, while the first three positions remain unchanged in 2015 – the Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapore. Such data are contained in the report of the Global Finance magazine.

Based on data from the world Bank and the International monetary Fund, the magazine made a rating of the richest countries in accordance with the size of their GDP and purchasing power per capita. The rating also takes into account the average cost of living and inflation.

In addition, in the study of Global Finance were not included such a small country as Liechtenstein, Nauru, Vatican city, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra.

Top ten richest countries in the world in 2016 as follows:

1. Qatar (GDP 146,011 thousand U.S. dollars per capita);

2. Luxembourg (GDP 94,167 thousand dollars per capita);

3. Singapore (84,821 thousand dollars);

4. Brunei (80,335 thousand dollars);

5. Kuwait (71,600 thousand dollars);

6. Norway (67,619 thousand dollars);

7. UAE (67,201 thousand dollars);

8. Hong Kong (57,676 thousand dollars);

9. USA (57,045 thousand dollars);

10. Switzerland (56,815 thousand dollars);

The list of the 25 richest countries in the world also includes: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, Denmark, Oman, Iceland, Belgium and France.