Finally, Lamborghini Huracán got a decent job

A donor kidney which needs to be taken to a hospital 500 kilometres away as soon as possible? The Italian police now use a Lamborghini Huracán for this type of emergency drive. At an average speed of about 230 kilometers per hour, the organ went from Rome to Padua within two hours last week.

The Italian police like to confirm her clichés. In 2017, the Polizia di Stato decided to replace several worn-out patrol cars with lightning-fast and spectacular-looking Lamborghini Huracáns. Equipped with, among other things, a refrigerated trunk, sports cars can be used in the emergency transport of life-saving donor organs. They can also be used for highway surveillance. They act when arrests have to be made and when traffic incidents occur.

Last week, the Lamborghini was used for an emergency transport of a donor organ. It took the officers barely two hours to get a kidney from Rome to Padua, almost 500 kilometers away. By comparison, according to Google Maps, this ride usually lasts more than five hours.

It’s unclear why no helicopter was used for the transport. The delivery might have been even faster. But after the fast ride, the police proudly shared a video on Twitter.