Luxembourg has best healthcare in the world, – study


Luxembourg has the best healthcare in the world. That’s according to the respected Legatum Institute based in London, with a report of the top 16 countries published on the British online portal Business Insider.

Somewhat of an eye-opener study, the Grand Duchy took the top place in the international rankings, a country with an average life expectancy of 82.

No less than 104 aspects were apparently taken into consideration for the comparative study, which included the general health of the population, physical and mental conditions, the healthcare infrastructure as well as available preventive care services.

It is of little surprise that the best health care systems are attributed to the most prosperous countries.

But perhaps it is surprising to some of us that Luxembourg came in first in the list ahead of Singapore, another dwarf state in second place. Its population is 5.6 million and the average life expectancy is 83.1.

In third place came Switzerland with their universal healthcare system, followed by Japan the country with the highest average life expectancy of all the countries in the list at 83.7.

The Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Israel, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand and Canada all feature in the top 16.

Here is the full top 16 countries with the world’s best healthcare systems according to the report:

1 – Luxembourg
2 – Singapore
3 – Switzerland
4 – Japan
5 – The Netherlands
6 – Sweden
7 – Hong Kong
8 – Australia
9 – Israel
10 – Germany
11 – Belgium
12 – New Zealand
13 – Norway
14 – France
15 – Qatar
16 – Canada