Luxembourg electric car charging network taking shape

800 Nexxtender electric vehicle charging stations will be running in Luxembourg by 2020, managed by Belgian firm Powerdale. Read on to find out what it means for the customer.

How will it work?

The intelligent approach of the government is to offer a network of charging stations for all electric vehicles by subscription.

Customers will have to identify themselves at the charging stations where they can recharge their vehicle. The price is to be announced in October once the first symbolic stations have been installed.

How long should I leave my car to recharge?

There are various charging station ranges. Luxembourg has chosen the higher range of 22kWh, which provides 100 kilometres of autonomy in a single hour.

Are there enough, for example if there is a rush-hour?

Given the number of electric vehicles currently in circulation, this should not be an issue. However, if a quarter of electric vehicles are in an area where there are 400,000 cars, there would have to be 25,000 charging stations.

Powerdale managing director Olivier Piraud said: “It’s about creating a real buzz and reassuring clients who want to move to electric mobility. Le network will continue to develop after these stations are installed.”