Burnout in the workplace increasing in Luxembourg


Burnout at work is increasing in Luxembourg at an alarming rate, reaching about 30% of the country’s workforce, according to the “Quality of Work Index” report.

The findings of the study drawn up by the Chamber of Employers and the University of Luxembourg show that 25-30% of workers in the Grand Duchy complain of work-related exhaustion.

According to a survey of 1,500 people, pressure, stress and length of working hours are the three main factors behind burnout for Luxembourg employees.

Burnout can lead to depression, a situation that affects every aspect of a worker’s life.

The first symptoms are loss of vitality and a feeling of discouragement, indifference, boredom, cynicism, disorientation and lack of concentration.

Among the physical symptoms are insomnia, lack of energy, back pain, loss of appetite and digestive disorders.

The full “Quality of Work Index” is available to read but only in French, despite the title of the document being in English, at this link: statistiques.public.lu.