Luxembourg attempts to boost foreign voting with online registration

In an effort to attract more foreign residents to vote, Luxembourg’s government is attempting to make the process easier by allowing non-nationals to register on the electoral roll via the internet.

The possibility for electronic registration has now been added to the reform of the electoral law approved by the government in the Council of Ministers.

The new law will still have to pass through parliament.

To put the government’s concerns into perspective, only 18% of eligible Portuguese voters — Luxembourg’s largest foreign-national community — have actually registered.

For eligible foreign voters overall, the figure is even lower. About 16% of potential foreign voters are registered in the communal elections next October.

Non-Luxembourg citizens may vote in local and European elections but must be entered on the electoral roll in their respective local communes.

Anyone aged 18 or over who has been a legal EU resident in Luxembourg for at least five years will have to register before July 13 to take part in Luxembourg’s commune elections, which take place in October.