Luxembourg Works on Improving Road Safety

On 13 December 2016, the Luxembourg Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch, took part in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Workshop for Road Safety in London.

Yesterday, Minister François Bausch acted as the main political speaker at the WHO’s International Workshop for Road Safety.

In his speech, Bausch stated that there are “26,000 deaths per year on European roads”. He also recalled that the aim of the Luxembourg governments concerning road safety is “Vision zero”, or rather to have zero road-related deaths or serious injuries in Luxembourg.

The vision also involves the implementation of several pillars. For instance, all members of the government signed a “national chart for road safety”, and the general public took part in a survey to give suggestions towards improving road safety.

In 2014, a “road safety round table” involving all the actors in the sector took place on the subject of road accidents in Luxembourg. It also involved defining an action plan focused on three spheres of action: the improvement of road infrastructure, prevention measures and finally the reinforcement of sanctioning.

Public transport is constantly approving and a Road Safety Day was implemented in 2016.