People in Luxembourg have largest holiday budget in Europe

holiday 99.9% of Luxembourg residents spend their holidays abroad

People in Luxembourg have the largest holiday budget in Europe and go away more often than those living in bordering countries.

Almost all spend their holiday abroad, mainly in Europe, and leave with a healthy budget of more than 2,800 euros each every year.

This is according to a Statec survey based on figures from 2015.

People from Luxembourg have an average annual holiday budget of 2,814 euros per person, topping the leader board ahead of Denmark and Finland and creating a near 1,000 euro gap with France, which has a 1,827 euro budget, Germany at 1,669 and Belgium at 1,327 euros per traveller.

On average they spend 107 euros per night – twice the amount the French spend.

Hotels most popular choice

A staggering 99.9% of those living in Luxembourg spend their holidays abroad. The most popular holiday destination in 2015 was France, followed closely by Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy.

Hotels are the most common choice of accommodation but not many opt for a camping holiday.

In 65% of cases people living in Luxembourg go for paid accommodation when they go away as tourists. Others go to their holiday home or stay with friends or family.

Of those paying for accommodation 71% choose a hotel, 25% rent a house or apartment while only 4% go to a campsite.

26 nights away per year

One of the reasons people get away from Luxembourg is to visit family or friends although this reason is more popular in France.

Those who went on holiday spent an average of 26 nights away and tend to go away four times a year for a period of one week. People in France go away more often – 31 nights a year – while people from Germany and Belgium leave home less often.

Every year Statec carries out a survey on residents’ holidays and in April some Luxembourg residents aged 15 or over will have the chance to take part in the next survey, either by phone, post or online.