Four Out of Five Luxembourg Residents Still Go on Holiday as Travel Rates Stagnate

According to the second Tourism Practices Survey this year, the Luxembourg population still has a strong desire to travel, especially within Europe.

The survey, launched in early July, revealed that each resident spends an average of €770 on a trip, leading to a total expenditure of €1.09 billion in 2016. Approximately 80% of residents took leisure trips, and whilst France and Germany remain the destinations of choice, one trip out of ten goes beyond Europe.

The share of the traveling population stagnated at 81% in 2016. During the last 6 years, the intensity of travel exceeded 80%. Indeed, considering the last twenty years, there is a slight increase, apart from a decrease in 2010 following the financial crisis.

Although the proportion of travellers is relatively high in all segments of the population, the intensity of travel is more pronounced among the younger population. From 50 years the intensity of travel decreases slightly and even more so from 60 years onwards. Nevertheless, two out of three people aged 70 and over travel.

Moreover, people with a high level of education have been found to travel more than those with a lower level of education (92% and 63% respectively). The same is true of those in employment, of which 86% have travelled, against 66% of those who are unemployed.

Despite this high travel intensity, 91,000 residents (19%) did not travel in 2016. The most commonly cited reasons are family constraints (20%), health reasons (20%) and financial constraints (15%).

Whilst professional constraints play a role for young people and limit their travel possibilities (17%), family reasons are a disincentive to travel to almost all ages (20% – 25%). Beyond age 65 this reason plays only a minor role (11%).

Regarding holiday destinations, one-third of trips are carried out in neighbouring France or Germany. In total, 92% of trips by Luxembourg residents take place in Europe, with Asia in the lead of most visited continent outside Europe for Luxembourgers.