How was your weekend running?

Training, racing or gearing up for a spring marathon? As always, share your weekend triumphs and woes below the line.

Not so much a weekend debrief, this, as a sort of running-themed out of office. As you read this I will be in Portugal, on the 2:09 training camp. Goals for the week include getting my legs moving again, post-marathon, and setting a PB for the amount of oranges consumed in a short period. I’ve been doing some Navel-related training (err, navel-gazing?) and have high hopes that I can squeeze (sorry) in some citrus personal bests. Alongside, obviously, a few of those delicious Portuguese custard tarts …

So aside from espousing the joys of spring training camps – it is amazing how many miles you can run when, with no work or other pressing matters, you can also properly recover – I leave this week’s blog over to you guys. How are the spring marathoners feeling about upcoming races? Having done an early marathon, I’m already switching my focus to the shorter distances, and beginning to compile a list of key races for the summer. On which note I should point out that many runners – myself included – have a tendency to obsess over the marathon distance, when training for, and racing, shorter distances is no easier, and should get no less kudos. They do, however, have the distinct advantage that if a race doesn’t go according to plan, it’s usually perfectly possible to find another a mere few weeks later.

At any rate, I’m really looking forward (in a perverse sort of way) to getting some more speed work under my belt, and hopefully adding to my list of two PBs so far this year. Bring on the summer track sessions! It’s nearly summer, right?