Luxembourg ranked best place to work abroad

Luxembourg has been voted the best place to work abroad for the first time in the latest Expat Insider survey.

The Grand Duchy rose from third place last year and second the year before in the working abroad index of the survey, commissioned by InterNations.

“Luxembourg offers a stable economy, safe jobs and a healthy work-life balance,” the survey authors concluded after analysing the responses of the 14,000 people from 174 different nationalities who were polled.

The survey ranks 67 countries in total based on a number of factors.

In terms of overall satisfaction, three quarters of Luxembourg’s respondents said they were generally satisfied, compared with the global average of 64%.

When it came to career prospects, over two thirds of respondents were pleased with the opportunities in Luxembourg, while 79% rated highly the work-life balance in Luxembourg. Finally, eight out of ten respondents said they felt their jobs were secure in Luxembourg.
How did Luxembourg do in other rankings

Luxembourg also topped the rankings for safety and security and job security. It came in fourth place for work-life balance and sixth for climate and weather.

Its worst rankings were found in the areas of friendliness (41st), feeling welcome (43rd), leisure options (56), personal happiness (56) and finding friends (57).

In the overall ranking, taking into consideration all of the factors assessed, Luxembourg came in at ninth place as an expat destination (down from fifth last year), behind Austria but ahead of the Czech Republic.