Frankfurt-Hahn Reduces Losses by 20% for 2016

Frankfurt-Hahn Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is back on the right track, after the annual loss reported for 2015 was significantly reduced last year, and the management’s restructuring programme will continue to improve the results of the Hunsrück airport.

This month, the supervisory board of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport concluded its annual financial statements with a deficit of €14.1 million, an improvement of 19% on the previous year’s performance.

“We have been working on this improvement for a long time,” said Markus Bunk, Managing Director of Flughafen. “The reorganisation of the company, which was implemented three years ago, as well as through our long-standing restructuring programme, allowed us to take the airport on the right path, raise potential savings and improve the result.”

In addition to the cost-cutting measures, an increase in sales also contributed to the improvement in earnings. Sales in 2016 rose by 11.7% to €32.2 million.

The company attributed this, on the one hand, to one-off occurrences – for example, in the year 2016 the area of ​​the so-called housing was sold to ADC, which generated proceeds of around €1.2 million. In addition, a stable passenger business with 2.5 million passengers was added to by the cargo sector, which picked up noticeably towards the end of the year in particular. Although the number of tonnes carried could not be quite close to the value of the previous year, it was possible to achieve growth, particularly in the number of “fuel stops” and in the area of ​​military passengers.