The “vital combat” of whistleblowers

“Merci Antoine! Thank you Raphaël! Merci Edouard!” A large crowd of “regular citizens” welcomed their heroes with chanting. The whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, and the journalist Edouard Perrin arrived at the “cité judiciaire” just before the beginning of their appeal trial in the Luxleaks affair. Why did all these citizens make the way to Luxembourg this Monday?

Our colleagues from went there to find out.

“We have to defend these people. There need to be more like them so we can know what is really happening”, stated David Wagner, Member of Parliament for Déi Lénk, one of more than 300 people that took part in this show of solidarity for the three main actors in this affair.

The action was initiated by the “Comité solidarité Luxleaks” that is composed of different associations that support the accused and a number of NGOs fighting for fiscal justice and the protection of whistleblowers. The gathering expressed a message of support by the citizens for the three men that took the decision to expose themselves in order to uncover the extent of the practice of tax rulings through Luxembourg and their impact.

“Incredibly generous people”

“I am here to support the whistleblowers who uncovered scandals that, in reality, affect all of us! The practice of companies of not paying taxes is an egoistic one”, Jean-Baptiste Voltuan explains, a former teacher turned activist for “all major causes” who travelled from Paris to Luxembourg.

There is no doubt for him: “Whistleblowers are incredibly generous people that risk their lives, their families and their work. We are all affected by the fight of whistleblowers which is a vital, humanistic, social and pacific one. I tell them: Great! We’re on your side!”

“We are putting them on trial when in reality, they managed to show to the whole world that there are fiscal technicalities that exist solely for the purpose of multinationals avoiding to pay taxes. In the end, it’s about creating a more just society”, MP David Wagner sums up.