‘Severely lacking’: readers on the return of Killing Eve

‘It has lost its spark’
We’ve seen all of series two (in Australia) and I’m very sorry to say that it is indeed every bit as poor as is alleged. We were gripped by the first series – couldn’t wait for it each week (we’re old-fashioned that way) – but halfway through series two we became bored and confused. The plot is risible and unconvincing, even if Jodie Cromer’s acting is terrific (she deserved the Bafta). We watched it to the end regardless (we’re old fashioned in that way too) but the series had lost its spark. Should have stuck at series one. BengalEuropean

‘It was even better than season one’
We’ve had the advantage of seeing the full series two here in Australia, and for my money it was even better. Some suspension of disbelief is always needed when watching programmes, otherwise most entertainment would fail. The critical articles picking holes in errors of fact sometimes strike me as missing the point entirely. There may be justification in a forensic examination of why so many of us find series like this entertaining, but entertaining it is. An actor in her early twenties who can effectively portray five characters in one scene merely by a shift in vocal tone and expression, and manage to age 13-15 years with the mere application of a little shadow under the eyes is going places. Notjimdewar

‘Lazy, lazy, lazy’
Series one was a fantasy grab bag of fun imagery, quick wit, black humour and thwarted expectations. Entertaining and well-crafted. It’s not a major thesis on criminal investigation techniques or the socio-political implications of lesbianism in the Assassins Guild. Very little of it stands up to close scrutiny in the realism department, but I don’t think it was supposed to. It’s just a bit of fun. For me, series two just settled back into laziness. Tediously overworked tropes pushed through the retreading machine.

The writing isn’t as sharp. Is this a lack of St Phoebe or just the rush to churn out a sequel? I have no opinion on that. The situations and setups are too daft now. And then along came episode six and I watched them jump the shark. It’s a shame because the casting is excellent and it clearly has some very high production values. But the characters have shifted too far from the first series. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. IkeaInterocitorKit

‘A sequence of vaguely amusing events’
I’ve watched episodes one to three so far. Still enjoying it but so far it’s just a sequence of purposeless, and vaguely amusing events. Part of the problem is that there is not much new mystery. While the Eve vs Villanelle dynamic is what everyone focuses on, season one had a lot more going on around it. While the idea of The Ghost has been introduced, there’s no tension in that concept – it’s just an uncharismatic anti-Villanelle who no one seems to really care about. So a new psychopathic assassin on the loose is almost an irrelevance. I’ll keep going but at the moment it’s severely lacking in terms of plot or character development. Snaga

‘The main reason I love Killing Eve so much is to enjoy Jodie Comer’s performance’
I think the second series has missed Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing slightly, but it is still stylish and watchable. The three leads are all great, and there have been some enjoyable cameos from the likes of Zoe Wanamaker, Adeel Akhtar, Nickolas Grace and Barbara Flynn. The main reason I love Killing Eve so much is to enjoy Jodie Comer’s performance in what I suspect will be the breakthrough to huge success. She was very good in an underwritten role as the ‘other woman’ in Doctor Foster – which let’s face it was all about Suranne Jones – but that gave no clue that Comer could be as versatile, charismatic and generally brilliant as this. In an outstanding cast, she absolutely monopolises attention. HenriettaSandwich

‘Disappointing, predictable and lacked the magic of season one’
Binge watched the whole second season: it was disappointing, predictable, somewhat, and totally lacked the magic of season one, if not quite bilge. The finale was not clever, and also hyperbolic, and yes, predictable. Jodie was as wonderful as ever, which is why it was worth it. Sandra Oh was stuck with writing that deteriorated, which is not her fault, but there were elements of the plot line, indeed most of the elements, that just did not match season one, including Eve’s sudden hardening of feeling towards Villanelle. petrillo

‘Intelligent, well-written script that still manages to be hilarious’
Series two is better than the already excellent series one, in my view. I think the writing in series two takes the unfolding coup de foudre of series one into new areas. It pivots on the nature of innocence and knowledge, and the sometimes astonishing ambiguity and blurred lines between these apparent opposites. The references to the garden of Eden, the desire to gain knowledge and the subsequent disappointment, the nature of compassion compared to cruelty, and the playing of God compared to being played as a pawn – all these themes are combined in an intelligent, well-written script that still manages to be hilarious. Highly recommended, and I’m looking forward to series three! Iskra1903

‘Two great actors is not enough. You need more of a story too’
It is still good and suffers maybe from the usual season two problem. Like after a great first season – what to do now? A lot of shows have that problem. Do you develop it into something for more seasons or just keep it going then close it off? That said, I do not see enough of a story in this to make it for more seasons and I do not think anyone ever planned for this to be more than a one-season show. Shows have made a remarkable comeback before, but others have failed horribly. Two great actors is not enough to make it. You need more of a story too. lionfood