DP suffers virtual losses in the central electoral district

Governing party DP of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel would suffer losses in their political stronghold, the centre of Luxembourg, if elections were taking place this Sunday. The results of the “Sonndesfro” for the electoral district Centre show that the DP would lose 5.2% as compared to the elections in 2013, bringing it down to 19.8% and costing them one seat in Parliament. This would leave them at five seats, adding to the losses already recorded in the electoral districts East and North yesterday.

The one seat that the DP would lose would in turn go to the CSV who would gain 4.1% of votes, bringing it up to a whopping 39.4% and nine seats in total. Although DP coalition partner LSAP would also lose 1.2% compared to 2013, they would remain at three seats, while the third governing partner Déi Gréng would see barely any change and remain at two seats. Small opposition parties Déi Lénk and ADR can record minor gains but remain at one seat each in this electoral district.

Parties not represented in Parliament so far, such as KPL (-0.4%), PID (-0.3%) and Piratepartei (0.1%) stay at very low scores and would have no impact on the distribution of seats under the current situation.

The electoral district Centre accounts for 21 out of a total of 60 seats in the “Chambre des Députés” and represents the second highest number of voters. The cantons of Mersch and Luxembourg make up the central electoral district. Luxembourg typically represents a stronghold for the liberal party DP, which makes a loss of this magnitude even more painful, as the voters seem to be in disagreement with government policies and virtually consider simply switching from DP to CSV.

The “Sonndesfro”

The “Sonndesfro” (Sunday question) is a survey asking Luxembourg’s citizens who they would vote for, were the elections taking place this Sunday. The “Sonndesfro” was commissioned by “Luxemburger Wort” and “RTL” and carried out by TNS Ilres.

A total of 4,078 citizens aged over 18 and having the right to vote in the general elections have been surveyed in the whole of Luxembourg, relative to the population of the four different electoral districts. 1,182 people were surveyed for the electoral district Centre. The survey was carried out via telephone between end of June 2016 and beginning of December 2016. Interviewees were asked to indicate which party they voted for during the last general elections on October 20, 2013, and which party they would vote for if they had the chance to do so coming Sunday.