Busy weekend for police in Luxembourg


Luxembourg police certainly didn’t find itself facing a lack of work during this weekend. Alcohol, drugs and vandalism kept police officers busy, Luxemburger Wort reports.

During Friday night, after a dance event had finished in the town of Nommern, approximately 50 persons took a bus heading to Larochette. Five or six persons under strong alcohol influence began making noise and vandalised the bus. At the time, the bus was packed with people. Police are therefore asking for witnesses to call emergency number 113 or police in Mersch (4997-9500).

Early Sunday morning, police were performing a traffic control on the A4 close to Mondercange, when a nationally searched man was stopped. The public prosecutor ordered that the man should be taken to prison in Schrassig.

In Ettelbruck and Drauffelt respectively, police caught two young women and a young driver in possession of marijuana. The driver’s home was searched as a consequence, where police officers were able to find more items related to drugs. During the house search, the man was extremely uncooperative, insulting the policemen on numerous occasions. Additionally, his car’s insurance was invalid and the car had significant technical deficiencies.

During different incidents involving cars running a red light, having a flat tire, bumping into other cars in a car park or a driver sleeping in the car with the engine running, six people lost their driving license.

Police also performed a large alcohol control in Esch-sur-Alzette during Saturday night and early Sunday morning, during which 627 cars were checked. 31 fines were imposed, eight driving licenses were revoked and four cars were immobilised due to missing insurance papers.

One driver was under such strong influence, he fell asleep in his car during the police control.

Finally, two women reported having seen two men with a gun at Luxembourg-Gare. Police were able to find the men, aged 17 and 18, who were in possession of a gas pistol. The weapon was confiscated and the owner was fined.