Luxembourg should accelerate naturalisation for Brits, says union

While the economic implications of Brexit are being fiercely debated across Europe and indeed in the Grand Duchy, what about the social and personal situations of British residents in Luxembourg?

The social aspect of Brexit is the main concern of the LCGB union, underlined during a special press conference on the subject, held by its President Patrick Dury on Tuesday.

“It is not acceptable that we talk only about financial aspects of Brexit for the 6,000 British residents in Luxembourg. What about working situations? What about housing? Health? Rights to pensions? Etc.” stated Dury.

With that in mind LCGB has sent an open letter to the government stating that their stance is that everything should be done in their power to maintain the current status quo of the British in Luxembourg and indeed the 1,200 registered young Luxembourgish students in the UK. A government meeting on the subject of Brexit has also been requested.

The union even goes as far as saying that the government should, “facilitate and accelerate the procedure of naturalisation so that British citizens can continue their professional and family life in Luxembourg.”

These are indeed big words but to treat one nationality differently to other nationalities, is currently against Luxembourg law, meaning that the law would have to be changed to meet LCGB’s demands.

As the United Kingdom currently accepts double-nationality, a transition to become Luxembourgish is relatively painless, but would a “fast-track” policy for British citizens be fair on other nationalities? The UK has chosen to leave the EU, so why should others be penalised? It remains to be seen how the government will respond.

In the coming months, LCGB plans to continue to inform British citizens in Luxembourg of the consequences and implications of Brexit on their daily lives in the Grand Duchy and be ready to advise on questions concerning administrative procedures for obtaining Luxembourgish nationality.

Therefore a hotline has been set-up by LCGB specifically for Brexit-related topics.
Tel: 49 94 24 333

While the intentions appear all well and good, the final details remain in the hands of the British government. If the UK is unable to answer questions concerning EU residency, nationality etc, how can Luxembourg or indeed LCGB? Only time will tell as the complexity of Brexit unravels in the next few months.