All fuel prices drop in Luxembourg

As of Saturday, cost of all fuels, both driving and heating kind, cheaper in the Grand Duchy

Falling crude oil prices on international markets do not occur without a knock-on effect and as of Saturday the cost of all types of fuel in Luxembourg falls as follows:

Petrol 95 drops 2.5 cents and now costs €1.172 per litre
Petrol 98 is 2.6 cents cheaper at €1.227 per litre
Diesel is now 2.3 cents cheaper and costs €1.017 per litre
Heating oil with sulphur falls by 2.1 cents per litre and costs €0.57
Low-sulphur heating all is cheaper b 2.5 cents and costs €0.571 with free home delivery

All the new tariffs took effect in Luxembourg at midnight on Saturday.