Gas and Nuclear are now officially ‘green energy’

The European Commission’s plan to classify energy from gas and nuclear power plants as Green has taken its last hurdle, when after midnight the deadline for member states to submit an objection passed.

At least twenty member states, which together represent at least 65% of the European population, could have blocked the proposed classification before midnight. Now that that has not happened, investments in gas and nuclear energy will be classified as green from January 2023.

Last week, the European Parliament already failed to block the classification rules. It took 353 votes to stop the Commission’s plan, but opponents stuck to 278. They received 328 votes.

Climate activists have been warning for months about the proposed plan, which they say will cause investments in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to decline.

France and Germany were the main supporters of the plan. In Germany, gas is used as a transition to switch to renewable sources. France relies heavily on nuclear energy to emit as few greenhouse gases as possible.