All you need to know about Easter celebrations in Luxembourg

Easter celebrations in Luxembourg

It’s that time of year again when Luxembourg is getting ready for its traditional Easter celebrations.

Taking place every Easter Monday, Éimaischen brings artisan market stalls to the streets as well as folk music and a few Luxembourgish traditions.

One of the main features is the well-known Peckvillercher – small handmade earthenware whistles in the shape of birds.

Traditionally Peckvillercher were exchanged between lovers but today they have gained popularity among all those taking part in the celebrations and local potters experiment with new designs every year.


It will be held on Monday, April 17, from 8am until 6pm.


The stalls will be set up in the streets around the Palace and along Grand Rue up to where it meets Rue des Capucins.


Various folk groups will be singing, dancing and playing music:

– Uucht–La Veillée, La Ronde Beetebuerg, Vallée des Sept Châteaux, from 9.30am until 10am and 10.20am until 10.50am.
– De Kegelaar van Wilryck.
– Lidderuucht Lëtzebuerg at 11am.

Easter market at Place de Paris

Until April 14 De Lapouer op der Gare will take place at Place de Paris. This Easter market, organised by Groupe Animation Gare a.s.b.l, will be open every day from 10.30am until 6pm.

Colourful Easter eggs will be distributed and Easter items, such as Easter eggs and decorations, will be available to buy.

Carousel for children

A children’s carousel will be at the Roude Pëtz on Grand Rue until April 23.

Part of rue de l’Eau and rue du Rost will be closed to traffic between midnight and 7pm on April 17.