Two thirds of Luxembourg women victims of violence

Over a lifetime, two out of three women in the grand duchy will have experienced an act of violence. Over the last 12 months, 15% experienced mental harm and 7% experienced bodily and/or sexual violence.

National statistics bureau Statec on 11 July published the results of its survey on the subject. 5,695 residents, of which 2,734 women were chosen at random to participate in the study over 2019 and 2020.

Different types of violent acts

The report distinguishes between four different types of violence: mental, bodily, sexual and economic violence. Over a lifetime 51.7% of women in the grand duchy will have been victims of psychological violence, followed by physical aggressions (31.5%) and sexual violence (27.1%). 6.7% of women reported economic violence, where the perpetrator holds their financial superiority above their victim, controls access to economic resources or forbids the victim from gaining any financial independence through external work.

One in two women in the grand duchy in her life will also have been victim of stalking and sexual or moral harassment. Women are also not sheltered in their professional space, as 15% of women reported suffering from mental violence, and 7% from physical violence in the workplace.

4% of women have been attacked by their partner over the last twelve months, according to the survey. While men are also likely to be attacked by their close social circle (10%), the incidence is higher among women (15%).