Orange Brings Forward Roaming Charges

While mobile phone users are eagerly awaiting enforcement of the European regulation on mobile roaming fees due to take effect in June, Orange Luxembourg has decided to jump ahead and will automatically apply provisions of the regulation from 1 May. Thus, users will be able to use data and make calls at the same rates as at home, wherever they are in Europe.

Roaming use is not completely without limitation, as mobile network service providers are entitled to query use that is out of the ordinary. The regulation also provides for “stable links”, so that, in order to register for a mobile SIM card in Luxembourg, one needs to either work, study or live here.

Under the terms of the regulation, “Europe” includes the enlarged European Union as well as Switzerland.

According to Orange, all Orange customers will automatically benefit from the new regulations and will be able to see it directly on their consumption monitoring application. Customers with older mobile offers will benefit from the same benefits as from 1 June, the deadline for European regulation being 14 June 2017.

For Orange Luxembourg customers who have a mobile use exclusively in France, the company says that mobile plans are also available. It is important to remember that these packages cannot be used in Europe and are blocked when crossing the border. As for prepaid packages, there is a Luxembourg card “Moien” and a Luxembourg and Europe card, “Hello”.