The public is invited to offer UNESCO traditions of intangible culture in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Secretary of state for culture, guy Arendt, presented today at Schueberfouer an action plan for intangible culture.

Accompanied by Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer, President of the Unesco Commission Simone Beck and a delegation of vendors from the Schueberfouer, Guy Arendt unveiled the Grand Duchy’s action plan for intangible culture, of which the Schueberfouer plays an important role.

The United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) describes “intangible cultural” as customs, incentives, expressions and knowledge that people regard as part of their cultural heritage. This includes the things and the places, the crockery and the clothes needed to maintain these traditions.

Since 2008, this has included four key events in Luxembourg, that is the Schueberfouer, the Sprangpressessioun, the Octave and the Eimaischen.

To complete this inventory, Secretary of State Guy Arendt announced a participatory approach: “We have a lot of traditions, customs and so on in our country, and it is important to maintain and document them. Nobody knows better about what these are […] than the people themselves. Through a form, associations, municipalities and private individuals can make a request to put something into the inventory. A commissioner will then analyse these requests and make a decision.”

The current inventory and facts about these 4 traditions, as well as the form and information on the procedure, are available on the website