Ambassador Barrett: “Freedom must and will prevail”

It was the first US Independence Day event in Luxembourg for ambassador Tom Barrett, who took on his role at the start of the year.

As Barrett explained to the attendees, the theme was selected “to remind us of the importance of this basic principle, that for many this struggle continues and that we will continue to uphold the just fight for human freedom.”

Amongst his talking points was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Contrary to what the Russian state anticipated, the Ukrainian people have truly made ‘freedom ring’ across the world,” he said. “They have defended their homeland with true courage and resilience. This battle between autocracy and democracy and Ukraine’s brave fight has united nations across the world to condemn the conduct of Russia and stand together for what we all know as truth: freedom must and will prevail.”

The ambassador stressed the importance of continuous and increasing cooperation between the United States and its allies, like Luxembourg, to further strengthen the Nato alliance, hold others accountable via the UN Human Rights Council and shared democratic values more broadly. “Even if that comes at a price, [it] is essential to continued global freedom.”