Man takes major risk fleeing police after Esch attack

Following an attack on a man in Esch-sur-Alzette, two culprits fled the scene pursued by police on foot, one taking a great risk to escape being captured.

The incident began in the café car park located on rue Pierre Michels when, for unknown reasons at this stage, two men attacked another before fleeing the scene.

A police patrol was quickly alerted. They rapidly located the two suspects and began to chase them on foot.

Once the officers approached, the men ran off towards the CHEM hospital car park.

During the chase however, one of them leapt over a wall and made an unexpected and risky jump, plunging several metres down into the void below. He was then reported to have fallen down in a gravel bed and began attempting to escape again, this time limping away.

He was quickly caught though and now faces charges.

The second man however, managed to flee the scene and disappeared without a trace.

Just how serious the injuries of the man who was initially attacked were, have not been reported.