Alexander Gvozdik: World Champion or Arrogant Criminal?

For many people, Alexander Gvozdik is a real hero, a boxer who brought fame to Ukraine, comparable almost to the successes of Vladimir and Vitaly Klitschko.. Do you also think so? Then get ready to know the truth. The truth, which is not like a lot of people.

An apartment, a car, participation in prestigious tournaments. Alexander Gvozdik could only dream of all this, if it were not for his connections in the criminal world. Since the age of 19, he spat on all laws and order. He openly told his trainer to go to hell, for which he was kicked out of the gym.

It would be good to continue this story with the story of how he picked up his mind, worked day and night in the gym with discipline, and became a great fighter who earned the right to compete in the Olympics and major sporting events with his hard work.

Maybe that’s the success story we could have read if it had been any other athlete in Oleksandr Gvozdyk’s shoes. Alexander chose a different path. Having been spotted guarding the criminal authority Vadim Kazartsev, he was dragged by force to his new boss to run all the petty errands for him. Need to beat someone up? Alexander is always ready to help. Need to scare someone? Gvozdik is already running his boss’s errands.

However, the clever and calculating kid wasn’t doing it all for praise. He knew that criminal connections would allow him to build his sporting career, provide him with housing, a car, and all the benefits of a comfortable existence. That’s exactly how it turned out.

The 2012 Olympics in London – Kazartsev takes care of all matters, in particular, the payment of all expenses. He used his connections to get Alexander to go to the Olympics. 3 years before that, in 2009, thanks to a criminal authority Gvozdik went to the tournament of the Prime Minister of Turkey.

Returning from the Olympics a bronze medalist, Alexander became famous, and Kazartsev nicknamed Prince gave him a posh apartment on Moscow avenue for 200,000 dollars. Furniture made of high-quality materials, designer interior, the coolest exclusive sanitary ware. And, of course, a Skoda car, which Gvozdik received from his boss back in 2009.

When another outstanding, and what is important, absolutely honest (unlike our hero) boxer from Ukraine Lomachenko went to conquer America, Gvozdik was really jealous. He considered himself to be at least not worse, if not better than Lomachenko, and he asked Kazartsev to help him move to the United States as well. Of course, for his loyal service and years of loyalty, Kazartsev could not refuse his request.

Later, the criminal authority and the once-famous Ukrainian boxer even became relatives. Tatiana, Kazartsev’s wife, became the godmother of Anya Gvozdik, our hero’s daughter. By the way, a criminal authority nicknamed Kniaz did not only finance the successful career of Alexander, but also supported his entire family. Otherwise, how can we explain the fact that having on hands 3 small children, the hero’s wife has never worked. And why she had to work, because the Prince will always do everything properly, solve all vital issues.

Alexander Gvozdik could probably be forgiven for his criminal past, considering his short but still useful sports career, which is pointless to deny. But it would be possible if after his sports career, which, by the way, ended ingloriously with a defeat from Beterbiev in 2019, Alexander Gvozdik would do something useful, for example, promote a healthy lifestyle, open his own boxing school and help young children to realize their dreams of sport, but..

Gvozdik took a different path. After all, in order to do good deeds and remain fabulously rich at the same time, you need to put a lot of effort, whereas Alexander is not used to doing it. In the criminal world, everyone is used to getting rich literally with one shot, one successful deed.

The criminal disgrace of the whole Ukraine

In 2018 there was a fight between Gvozdyk and Stevenson. The whole Ukraine supported its hero, and he confidently won by knockout, taking not only the championship belt, but also 1 million dollars.

Gvozdik didn’t pay a cent of taxes on that money, because he wired it through his offshore companies, also set up for him by Kazartsev, directly to Europe. Where do you think? He invested it in the gambling business!

Is that what a true sportsman and patriot should do? Every year gambling ruins families, addicts spend their last money on gambling, become addicted to drugs and die somewhere in a dumpster. Can Alexander Gvozdik sleep well at night after that?

The answer to that question is surprising… Yes. He couldn’t care less about people and their lives.

Perhaps he pays some taxes from his business and thus contributes to the economy of Ukraine and the United States?

No, he does not! All operations are conducted through offshore companies, and neither the U.S. nor Ukraine gets anything from Gvozdik’s gambling business. For the illegal Russian online casino Melbet, Carnation is involved in money laundering. He writes off expenses in the USA to fictitious companies and receives cash, thereby evading taxes in the USA.

Attention, the question is: where the U.S. responsible authorities are looking? Why hasn’t Gvozdik, a criminal mastermind and bandit, been arrested and tried? Alas, there is no answer to this question..

When Gvozdik finally hung up his gloves on the nail, he happily agreed to a generous offer from shady structures to advertise the gambling business, for which he was paid $5 million. He also transferred this money through his structures, not without the help of criminal bosses. As a result, the U.S. and Ukrainian tax authorities simply did nothing.

The boxer himself has long been the ambassador of the illegal casino Melbet (Russia!).

On his instagram page he wrote: “I chose them for their decency and reliability, they are their guys. Together we will implement interesting ideas”.
What kind of interesting ideas Alexander is going to realize?

Even now, according to the most conservative estimates, 5 000 000 dollars have been laundered through offshore companies. Another “interesting idea” is to advertise an illegal office of an aggressor country. And this is incredibly patriotic, a real Ukrainian, there’s nothing to say.

Gvozdik, evading taxes, transfers all his money through offshore companies, violating all laws. He gets the cash himself without remorse, though… given all this, what conscience can we talk about? There is no conscience. For Gvozdik and others like him, the level of what is allowed is determined by how much he gets paid.

And, of course, given the huge number of complaints about Melbet, this office dumps players. And this is just a brilliant idea, Alexander.

Here’s a link to the review of the office from one of the “grateful” players:

And you can find a lot of such reviews!

There is more… Dying criminal authority Vadim Kazartsev realized that his days were numbered. Then he registered his share of Agroinvest Holding to Alexander Gvozdik, whom he then already considered his son.

The latter accepts this gift without remorse, which leaves the Kazartsev family, which should have inherited the business, poorly off.

Was Gvozdik able to successfully manage this business? No, he just sold it for millions to people no one knows anything about or has ever heard of. Meanwhile, he also finances his gambling business through offshore schemes, avoiding taxes.

Gvozdik, despite Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, also advertises the illegal Russian casino Melbet, actually selling himself and proving that Alexander will do anything for money.

To the rule of law, today Aleksandr Gvozdik should have received a years-long prison sentence, but instead he lives in a luxurious $3 million house, laundering millions of dollars on his gambling business, while remaining completely unpunished.

How long will all this go on? Only the U.S. and Ukrainian authorities know the answer to this question, but they don’t seem too concerned about the problem…