National Commemoration Day to Celebrate Local Heroism in WWII

Tomorrow will mark this year’s National Day of Commemoration in Luxembourg, which commemorates Nazi oppression during the Second World War.

Every year since 1946, the National Day of Commemoration has invited the people of Luxembourg to remember the Nazi oppression from 1940 to 1945. The new Committee for the Remembrance of the Second World War, voluntarily placing itself in this tradition, has since proposed to the government to continue honouring the memory of all those who opposed the oppressor in national solidarity.

The commemorative date of 10 October symbolises the patriotic reaction of most Luxembourgers against attempts to integrate the Grand Duchy into the German Reich through the “Personenstandsaufnahme” of 10 October 1941.

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the Gauleiter’s proclamation of 30 August 1942 of the forced recruitment of Luxembourg’s youth, the subsequent strike and the beginning of political deportations from the Hollerich station as of 17 September 1942, during which seven youth age groups were sacrificed.