Percentage of people working from home doubles in Luxembourg

Working from home or teleworking is taking off in Luxembourg it would seem after the proportion of residents teleworking doubled over five years, Luxemburger Wort reports.

According to figures published by Employment Minister Nicolas Schmit, the proportion of residents working from home in Luxembourg rose from 3% in 2010, to 6.1% in 2015.

It was highest among men, 6.4% of which worked from home in 2015 (up from 3.3% in 2010), while 5.7% of women practised teleworking (up from 2.6% in 2010).

Minister Schmit published the figures in a response to a parliamentary question.

He said that teleworking was a subject that had been discussed in biletaral discussions between Luxembourg and France.

A working group is expected to analyse further opportunities and assess the challenges for cross-border workers to do teleworking.

The practice is also highlighted in the strategic plan known as the Rifkin study.